Sunday, May 22, 2016

Missed My Show...Rats!

I just got back from work, parked my car up front of the office at the No-Frills Motel, gathered up my dog, and took him for his walkabout,  Realized that I had missed my show, Call the Midwife.  I did get to see the last 10 minutes of it  Sure hope that it comes on later tonight so I can see it from the beginning.  Watching Wallander

This morning there was something wrong with my gas door on my car that bugged me somewhat.  It appears that someone has bent it in while it was parked outside my hotel room.  This bothered me because the one front desk clerk is somewhat slow to put on the lights at night; this provides a nice dark parking area that makes it ripe for anyone wanting to bother cars while the owners sleep.  All I can think is that my eldest son will be able to fix it.  I did mention it to the desk clerk that was on tonight and told her I was parked out front of the office now.

Tomorrow I am off to stay with my friend, Pam. and her brother, Tom.  She will be heading back to Wisconsin later in June to work back at her previous assignment.  She misses them!  I promised that I would be up to visit so we could hang out until I go on vacation.  It is so good to be able to spend time with them.  They are originally from PA south of Pittsburgh near the WV line.  Pam and I worked together at a hospital in Morgantown.  We used to hang out and go to supper or to the mall.
It has been a while since I left Ruby to go to work for an agency as a traveling neuro tech.  I have kept in touch with her.  She wanted to become a traveler and she took the step forward to start a whole new career.  It has been an adjustment but she has done so well!  She says she is a shy person but I always reassure her that she drives a friggin' HARLEY  She cannot be that shy.

Sign me, Wondering if Wallander has Alzheimer's while sitting here in the No-Frills Motel, M

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sending Prayers Up For My Own

Last night I heard from my daughter-in-law regarding her mother's health.  We knew she had been in the hospital and had some surgery.  It appears that she has Stage IV cancer; The chemo treatments will begin this week.  This grieves me for more than one reason; it fills me with a sense of powerlessness.

Angel lost her father last year and she has been dealing with so much all along.  My eldest son, Art, and Angel have two sons on the spectrum and a daughter who has Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis X, a very rare disease.  My son has small fiber neuropathy and lives in constant pain.  Now that he has finally been diagnosed, he is on a waiting list now expecting to wait a year to be seen at a pain management clinic.  Their weeks are peppered with medical appointments and treatments that takes them hither and yon through the OHIP system.

I passed the information along to the women in my family as we do in an effort to bring our energies together in support.  Each one of them echoed the same concerns and hopes for a reprieve for our Angel and her mother.  Angel is carrying so much on her shoulders.  My son is so blessed to have a life partner like Angel...God keep them both through this time of illness.

Family is so important.  That is why I wanted to find work closer to home but I recognize that there is very little that I could actually do to help.  My own health is not the best and will be further exacerbated by stress; the sadness that I feel when I hear that they are facing yet another difficult time is tough for me to bear.  My hands are tied...I will continue to offer support and to pray for them.  I love them both so much...

Please add them to your prayers.

Sign me, Deeply saddened by this turn of events, M

Angel and Melody

Another Quiet Evening at the No-Frills Motel

I am sitting up on the bed with four pillows behind me just trying to get comfortable.  My derriere gets  Reviewed 500 more questions for registry examination...up to 1000 and decided to take a break.  There are 1138 questions in this pre-test practice.  I check my results, find the questions that were answered incorrectly, then look up each and every one.  I have taken it 7 times and keep going through it.  Apparently, one has to take the pre-test 10 times to access all 1500 questions from the data bank.  I am scheduled to take the second part of the registry exam on June 18th.

On a more relaxing front, I am watching PBS and waiting for my shows to come on...Masterpiece Mysteries, A Place to Call Home.  There is a show on in the interim about small businesses in Connecticut.  One of these is ; this company has created a kayak that breaks down and nests to minimize the storage required to keep one!

Little Dude is asleep on the end of the bed; he will be needing a walk about this evening before we settle down for the night.  Today was a lazy day for me; I noticed that my muffler has gotten loud while running errands yesterday.  Really glad I did not have to work because tomorrow I am headed out to a muffler repair shop.  (Big sigh)  Cha-ching!

I continue to study, watch TV, and check my Facebook connections.  It is a good combination of  Earlier today I was making up hand jives for drugs and their effects on EEG.  It is fun and it really helps me to remember the information.  Years ago I shared my hand jives for neuroanatomy and physiology that helped me to remember the dark reflex and pathways.  It really helped me but it helped other people as well!  One lady got eight questions right based on what I had shared with my hand jives.  She was quite pleased.

I went to see a lovely studio apartment in a rehabbed school building on Wednesday.  It was so nice!  I felt it would be so cozy since it reminds me of my little house back in western New York state.  The little house is 517 sq feet and the apartment is 580 sq feet.  The studio has quite a few windows that would be perfect for flowers!  I could even have flower boxes on the outside as it is a ground floor apartment.  The rent is quite reasonable and includes water plus heat!  I am sending my application in tomorrow morning. Will know something soon...perhaps next week.

I was somewhat torn between staying here in CT and trying to find work back at home in WNY.  There was a position advertised that would be within 1.5 hours of my shanty.  The company does EEG in hospitals and clinics in the area there.  The recruiter and I spoke at length; it was very interesting and the conversation ended with both of us making a plan to get together when I go back for my two-week vacation on June 5th.

In retrospect, I realized that this company had been the reason that some of my peers were unemployed as the hospitals outsourced their EEG testing.  Some had no notice; it was quite difficult for them.  I made my choice to stay here and work based on the fact that I cannot take a job that was created on the backs of my peers misfortune.  Ethically speaking, it is not something I can be a part of comfortably.  (Living simply permits me to be true to myself without compromise.)

Here is a small photo of me with my autism puzzle scrub top on.  I wear it to show solidarity with my two grandsons who are on the spectrum.  It is amazing how many people have taken the time to share their own stories when they see me in the halls at the hospital.  Autism has become more and more visible these days.

Sign me, Wish I had not eaten so well in New  M

P.S. I am trying to write without using "I" so much...not working very well so far.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Today is a new day.  I am a traveling neuro technologist.  We are like traveling nurses in that we take 13-week assignments all over the country.  We are able to have housing provided for us by our agency as part of each contract.  People think it is free but in actuality it comes out of the budget for each contract.  If we find out own housing the money allotted for housing stipend comes to us. If you figure housing stipend, per diem, and wages it is a nice set up.  The travel is a bonus to a wonderful job.

I sit in this no-frills, no laundromat, no kitchenette, and no pool, hotel room figuring my bills while making a list of things to take care of in the next few days.  Payday is Friday.  In the last four years I have made adjustments but I don't feel like I am getting ahead. I am determined to get back to simply.

I moved out of the apartment to save money planning to move into my camper while fixing it up. The mobile RV guy was all gung-ho to get the work done.  His first job was supposed to be hooking up the new gas stove and providing propane tanks.  However, he reneged on that when I called him on the cost he quoted me for installing a power converter.  By that time I was sitting in a trailer with no water, no toilet (new one in box), no propane, and no electricity.

The campground did not want me to stay because my camper needed that much work.  Camper is now in storage at a RV repair place near the campground.  That is why I moved into the hotel and although I am still saving money being here I am still searching for a place. I have been here once for three weeks and now for two weeks. The hotel policy is that you can only stay 28 days; you have to leave for 2 days before you can come back for another 28 days.

The first time I lugged all my stuff out of the car and into the room.  When it was time to move I hauled it all back to my car for two days.  This time I did not unpack my car.  It makes me laugh though as I feel somewhat like a homeless person with all the junk in the back seat.

When I took this new job it was to make good money but I don't feel that I'm handling that money very well.  Living simply taught me to make do with less of everything even money.  Now I make more money than I ever did but somehow it seems that I am no further ahead.

My goal now is to pay everything off in a timely manner, save some for the future, enjoy simply again, and keep traveling.

I was sitting here at the desk eating a can of Beefaroni that cost me a dollar.  That means I saved a lot of money on  Wish I liked cold Beefaroni though...there is a microwave downstairs next to the pop machine.  People take turns heating food up in that but I just skipped the line; I have a microwave in my car but I am not getting that out.

Little Dude and I are chilling in Motel No-Frills tonight watching NCIS New Orleans.  Been there, done that...been to the NOLA.  The nicest people live there.

Sign me, Getting Back to Basics, M

Saturday, April 30, 2016

I wrote this for my eldest granddaughter and posted it on my Facebook page.  Sharing it here to preserve it for further reflection...· 
When you were small and I was young,
your father was my eldest son,
I would bring you to the home I had,
and loved you much, through good and bad
I loved to see you and held you nigh,
It seems too quick the years go by
You have grown now to be a woman fine,
I am proud of you, granddaughter mine...
Now you are tall, and I am old,
We laugh at many stories told,
We are miles apart these days,
I miss your laughter and things you say,
I hold the loving memories dear,
I close my eyes and you are here.
Do you remember when you asked me why I came to get you every two weeks since you were 5 months old? I told you then that I wanted you to know who you belonged to and that you were loved.
You hold a special place in my heart, Alison. You are my first granddaughter...I love you dearly.
Written for you by Nana Marguerite

(Now I have to write one for Terra, Brandon, Benjamin, Daniel, Melody, Michael, Cameron, Bella, Emily, Noah, Lennox, Davis, Bowie,

From Alison:  
That was really beautiful. I miss those times all the time. And think about them often sometimes wishing we could go back. I love you Nan