Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Chili Dog Evening

It is almost supper time here in small town America.  My van is loaded with all the goodies for tonight, chili (no beans), donut sticks, beef hot dogs, hot dog rolls, shredded cheddar cheese (mild and sharp), baked beans w extra brown sugar and bacon, potato salad, and macaroni salad.  I stopped by the storage unit and picked up my two burner hot plate so I can have the chili and the baked beans simmering.  Have to bring my crock pot for the hot dogs and  Need to chop onions and put them in a tupperware container.  I want the aroma of food to be the first thing that greets our people when they come to The Gathering Place.

The weather report is calling for freezing rain tonight and tomorrow.  In fact, there is a storm warning so I may get stuck with all the lovely ingredients above.  Please God people will show up for hot coffee, tea, and hot chocolate and a picnic supper.  On a good note, it is not raining yet.

Sign me, In Service, Living Simply in Small Town America

P.S.  Just two people besides myself showed up.  Lots of food to send home with Neil  No food next week.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Pizza Night at The Gathering Place

Another quiet evening in small town America.  For two days I have been worrying about how I was going to provide food at The Gathering Place while waiting for my unemployment check.  Gas for my vehicle comes before most things: $40.00 in gas tank leaves $9.00 in my wallet. 

Most of the week was spent trying to sort out medical coverage while trying to schedule Solu-Medrol infusion treatments but that situation resolved itself yesterday.  (Turns out my coverage was reinstated the first of February but no one notified me.)  It means that I can now schedule the MS treatments for next week.  My neurologist had prescribed a new medication that costs $5k monthly so my week has been quite full of interesting 

Back to the pizza, I remembered that I had $54.00 in my change bank...thank God.  I dumped it out, sorted the change (no pennies) and borrowed some coin paper rolls since the pizza guy needs change to be rolled up.  Someone fist bump this woman!

I promised to serve pizza at The Gathering Place this evening but since we had a small group it went very well.  I was able to order the large pepperoni pizza, 20 wings, and two-liter pepsi special.  Everyone had a great time.  I sent all the leftovers home with someone; no donuts came home with me.  I am trying to behave myself status post my last peep

You know, even as I am writing this I feel such emotion it surprises me.  This gathering place means a great deal to me.  I want it to grow to be the place where people come to on Saturday evenings; I want it to be a safe place for people in sobriety to learn and grow.  

Sign me, Humbled by His Grace, Serving in His Love, and Living Simply in Small Town America

Sunday, April 1, 2018

An Evening Off

We did not open the doors at the Gathering Place last evening.  The church was busy with Easter Vigil and I had announced it at meetings so people would know.  It felt odd not to be going to the church for the meetings; I have become accustomed to that being my Saturday evening activity.

I have been on forced rest and relaxation since last Sunday.  I had a major MS relapse.  Things have been a bit awkward for me as I am not a person who sits still very well.  It is a

Today is Easter Sunday and I left the house briefly to go to the store for food.  I missed going to church but I was afraid that I would not last through the service.  I spent the day stretched out on the love seat watching TV and waking up.  I am so bored...

Sign me, Trying to Live Simply in Small Town America

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Gathering Place: Week Three

The Gathering Place appears to be growing!  A Big Book meeting will be setting up shop in our church basement now.  I have added a candlelight meeting as well.

The Gathering Place

Yesterday, I picked up a dominoes game for the game/puzzle stash.  It has been not as easy to get people to play cards or chess, I was surprised.  I am hopeful that as people become more aware of and more comfortable with the drop in they will become more social. 

Today, I picked up a larger box of hot chocolate mix and another box of regular hot chocolate mix.  There is plenty of coffee and tea, creamer and sugar; once I get a little of money ahead I want to start picking up some soda.  All of this is free to participants right now; I was reminded that people who are coming into the programs (AA/NA) are usually pretty financially challenged.  That is why we don't as for payment of any kind. 

Looking to the future, I have added Nathans hot dogs, buns, ketchup, mustard, and sweet relish to my mental list of future purchases.  I figure I can use my crock pot to keep the hot dogs warm for the evening.

A friend has a house for sale in town that I would love to be able to rent but that is kind of putting the cart before the  I have to be patient, I tell myself.  Good things take time...slow and steady is the best pace for this venture.

Sign me, Hopeful and Living Simply in Small Town America

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Drop In Center: Week Two

I have been working on a drop in center at my church on Saturday nights.  It is a safe place for people who are pursuing a life of sobriety or recovery to go.

The Gathering Place - In Memory of the Professor

Sign me, Living Simply in Small Town America Trying to Make a Difference